Engine Reconditioning Perth

Comprehensive engine reconditioning and balancing services in Perth.

Southside Engine Centre provides skilled and precision engine reconditioning services from our technologically advanced workshop in Perth. Our highly skilled mechanics and machining specialists offer superior workmanship, from basic repairs to diesel performance upgrades. Backed by 35-years’ industry experience, we have amassed a portfolio of reputable suppliers and have the equipment to ensure your car receives the best service possible.

As engine specialists, we have experience with a wide range of engines including petrol, and light and heavy diesel motors. Courtesy of state-of-the-art equipment, all our machining, boring and repairs are done with ease on some of the most complex and intricate engines on the roads today. From the smallest to the largest engines, we’ve rebuilt engines, performed engine balancing, boring and replacements. We can also handle all engine repairs.

We are committed to offering you the finest reconditioned engines, combined with competitive pricing, professional expertise and precision workmanship. With us, your car will revert to being economically viable, run smoothly and perform like a new vehicle.

What is engine reconditioning

Improve your engine balancing and enhance performance, economy and reliability with a complete recondition. We start by stripping down the engine and cleaning every angle, part and accessory. This is followed by thoroughly inspecting and machining the engine castings. We only use components and treatments that will ensure the integrity of the castings that are put back into your engine. All engine components are reconditioned and refitted in a dust-free environment by qualified technicians.

Pistons, rods and crankshafts are replaced or repaired and polished along with the cam, which is then inspected for irregularities. Using our advanced machinery, we can cut valve seats, resize con rods, reground the crankshaft, resurface valve heads and ensure that every component fits together perfectly. The entire process calls for the reconditioned engine to be tested under pressure. Once that is done, the engine is ready to be reassembled.

Part of the entire process includes the cylinder head reconditioning, which is done using tools and technology that measure for precise accuracy. We offer head exchanges, full repairs, replacements and machining, including engine boring of cylinder heads. All engine parts are inspected to determine if they need to be resized or repaired. Clients request our reconditioning services for their standard and performance vehicles because they know that regardless of the make and model of their cars, we can recondition any engine. Our solutions will serve your car well for years to come.

Contact us today for any engine reconditioning, line-boring, and machining.