Trusted engine repair and reconditioning services in Perth

The engine is the heart of our car. To keep it in mint condition and ensure it lives a long life, it needs to be well looked after. This means finding an engine specialist that will perform engine modifications. Contact Southside Engine Centre, Perth’s engine rebuilders.

Whether you are looking for a complete recondition of your motor vehicle engine, machining or testing, our comprehensive machining shop does it all. Southside Engines is a specialist engine reconditioner in Perth and has been servicing engines for WA residents and businesses since 1981. We provide extensive onsite engine reconditioning services, quality equipment and leading components. We also handle repairs for any diesel, gas, petrol or marine engines.

Block Machining

  • Acid Tank or Hot Wash
  • Crack Test
  • Bore & Hone
  • Fit Cam Bearing
  • Deck Block
  • Align Hone Block
  • and many more


  • Grind Crank
  • Crack Test Crank
  • Polish Crank
  • Knife Edge Crank
  • Shot Peen

Head Machining

  • Service Cylinder Head
  • Crack Test Cylinder Head
  • Pressure Test
  • Porting Cylinder Head
  • Mira Vac ( Check Valves )
  • Face Head
  • Weld Heads

Service Cylinder Head

  • Stripping & Acid Tank
  • Face the Valves
  • Cut Seats
  • Face Head
  • Clean and Reassemble

Camshaft Grind

  • Standard Grind
  • Modified Grind
  • Hot Grind
  • Face Lifters
  • Face Rockers

Fault Diagnosis

  • Compression Test
  • Leak Down Test
  • Pressure Test Cooling System

Other Parts and Machining services are available or may be required